Bonnie Cannon is based in Atlanta, GA and has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2003. She competes at the Champions level, and has performed routines in both the Classic and Showcase divisions. She has been influenced by multiple dance & movement styles, including modern dance, hip-hop, bellydance, gymnastics, and more. Playing an instrument growing up and studying music theory influenced how she hears music and expresses the emotion of the song in dance form.
She loves teaching and helping people realize how much they’re capable of, filling in the missing pieces of knowledge or skill to take them to that next level. She enjoys both following and leading, and loves to continue learning all there is to know about the dance. Being a life coach and massage therapist as well, she brings in a wealth of knowledge about the body and mindset and how that influences how we move and connect to each other. When she’s not dancing, coaching, or massaging, you might find her doing karaoke, yoga, hiking, or watching comedy.

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