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Ahar ye Westies! 

Westies on the Water, located in Huntsville, AL will be over Veterans Day weekend (November 9-12, 2023). As Captain of this here adventure, I can tell you to be prepared for a Fun Filled weekend in your future. We will be focused on growing not only as a community but as West Coast Swing Dancers and Competitors, with a few pirate shenanigans here and there. ^_^ 

Plan your day, Savvy?

Avast! Weigh Anchor and sign up Matey

Yo-Ho find out your scores

Weekend Theme 
~The Westie Pirates Invade the Rocket City 
~Costume Party and Contest Saturday, Nov 11

Separately Priced 
~Thursday Night Social Under the Stars at the Space & Rocket Center Planetarium

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Get your Swag mailed straight to your house before or after the event! No line - no hastle! ^_^

Dancing with those we cherish most is the reason why we formed this pirate crew.

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** A HUGE thank you to the Rocket Westies Dance Club for supporting this event and being the driving force that puts Westies on the water. ** 

Thank you all for supporting the Huntsville West Coast Swing Community!