Invited Professional Staff

Interested in setting up a private lesson (or two, or three)?

Please use the following options to reach out to staff members to arrange.

Bryan Jordan: text 225-802-5912

Matt Auclair: Facebook Messenger or text 314-330-3632

PJ Turner: Facebook Messenger or text 865-621-1178

T Rose: Facebook Messenger or email

Lamarr Williford: Facebook Messenger or email

Mike Spencer & Trish Drake: email

Ryan Pflumm & Alaina Rogozhin: email or  text 919-414-4745 (Alaina); 919-673-4557 (Ryan)

Margie Tuttle: Facebook Messenger or email

Debbie Ramsey-Boz: or 919-274-4400

Jesse Lopez: text 913-636-7696

Ariel Peck: email

Bonnie Cannon: Facebook Messenger or email


Head DJ
April Prince
Event DJs
April Prince
Louis St. George
Kenny Lombard

Event Director

Jennifer Nye

Jenn has been dancing since 1996 and has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor since 2005. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, she specializes in West Coast Swing and regularly teaches with Rocket Westies, as well as at Madison Ballroom. Additionally, Jenn is a regular West Coast Swing competitor at events across the US and has placed in multiple divisions. Above all else, Jenn believes in elevating everyone’s dance and you’re never too old to learn how to.