Janie Deroche is from Mobile, Alabama but has lived on the Gulf Coast her entire life. By trade, they call her “Doctor” at work, but her passion will always be for gymnastics and all things dance. Since reaching her goal of becoming a level 10 gymnastics champion, Janie has added competitive dancer and aerialist to her performance repertoire. Janie has trained in belly dance for the past 15 years with some of the world’s top teachers and performers. She’s had many years of performing all over the Gulf Coast with her troupes that feature choreographies encompassing the multiple genres of belly dance including cabaret, folkloric, tribal fusion, Spanish fusion, Indian, sword, fan, and veil dancing. Janie found West Coast Swing in 2017 and started her competitive journey on the circuit in 2018. She also trained in Latin, Ballroom, and Country and has taught West Coast Swing with Louisiana native, Bryan Jordan, for the last four years. You can see her competing, judging, and dancing at events all over the country and teaching in her regional scene.