Jerome is a man of many talents, with a diverse background in dance, fitness, and martial arts… Originally from France, he now calls Atlanta home. Jerome’s love for teaching started when he was just 16 years old and began assisting his karate teacher. He quickly developed a passion for creating a fun and engaging environment for his students to improve and master their skills.

At 13, Jerome fell in love with karate and became a teacher by the age of 21, opening his own dojo. After discovering partner dancing while working as a fitness trainer at a dance studio, he moved to Canada and the US to train for West Coast Swing. Within a year, Jerome moved from novice to all-star in West Coast Swing, using the discipline he learned from karate and his experience as an athlete to improve his dance practice. He credits his success to his focus on the basics, believing that knowledge is useless without skills, and to get skills, you must train.

Jerome’s training isn’t limited to martial arts and dance, however. He has trained in a variety of dance styles, including hip-hop, ballet, and rock’n’roll. His eclectic background has given him a unique perspective on teaching, with a focus on equipping dancers to practice what they are learning so they can grow effectively.

Jerome’s passion for excellence and commitment to his craft are evident not only in his teaching and dancing but also in his photography and videography skills. He has a unique eye for capturing the emotion and story behind his subjects, thanks to his experience in performing and competing in dance. His skillful use of framing and composition allows him to create visually stunning images that convey the essence of the moment. Whether he’s teaching, dancing, or capturing moments behind the camera, Jerome’s dedication to his craft shines through.

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