Doug Rousar

With nearly 25 years in the West Coast Swing community, Doug’s expertise is affluent in many roles; Teacher, Coach, Choreographer, Event Director, Producer, MC, Judge, Contest Coordinator, Contest Administrator and Consultant. Not only did he pursue a Music Education Degree, Doug is also a certified teacher and certified judge of WCS. He currently competes at the Champion level and has won numerous WCS awards and titles, including US Open Champion in the Teams Division. As an innovator and ambassador of WCS he is known for some of the most unique and creative events and contests, one of which is the popular Tournament Style J&J. “If it’s not fun, it’s not worth it” – Doug Rousar

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Bonnie Cannon

Bonnie Cannon is based in Atlanta, GA and has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2003. She competes at the Champions level, and has performed routines in both the Classic and Showcase divisions. She has been influenced by multiple dance & movement styles, including modern dance, hip-hop, bellydance, gymnastics, and more. Playing an instrument growing up and studying music theory influenced how she hears music and expresses the emotion of the song in dance form.She loves teaching and helping people realize how much they’re capable of, filling in the missing pieces of knowledge or skill to take them to that next level. She enjoys both following and leading, and loves to continue learning all there is to know about the dance. Being a life coach and massage therapist as well, she brings in a wealth of knowledge about the body and mindset and how that influences how we move and connect to each other. When she’s not dancing, coaching, or massaging, you might find her doing karaoke, yoga, hiking, or watching comedy.

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Byron and Tammy

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Byron Bellew

Byron Bellew is a multi winning “All Star” level west coast swing competitive dancer, instructor, and judge.  He has over 30 years of music/dance experience teaching and performing.

Byron holds the following certifications and diplomas:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education
• GPDIA Teaching Certification in dance
• GPDIA Judging Certification in dance
• GSTDA Teaching Certification in dance

In addition, Byron is a professional DJ and master of ceremonies (MC) at events around the country. He also has edited and arranged hundreds of songs specifically for professional & amateur dance routines worldwide including many of the top U.S Open Swing Dance Championship routine songs.


Tammy Duke

With over 30 years of experience, Tammy Clark Duke, has been a partner dance coach, choreographer, and teacher to both amateurs and professionals alike. She has taken her teaching and training from New York to Florida and from coast to coast.

Tammy Clark Duke is a multi winning “All-Star” competitor in West Coast Swing and has won Rising Star competitions in Ballroom and Latin.

She holds certifications in Ballroom, Latin, and West Coast Swing and is still very active in performing, competing and judging at various events nationwide. Tammy has also established long standing dance programs for Tulane University.

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Margie Tuttle

Margie Tuttle is from Gaithersburg, Maryland, and grew up in the West Coast Swing world. Started out learning ballet, tap & jazz, eventually learning west coast swing. Now an All Star level competitor, she continues to compete all over from the east coast to the west coast and excited to share this dance! She is a full time instructor, DJ & judge!

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Mike Spencer and Trish Drake

Mike and Trish are the only Master’s Level couple living in the state of Mississippi. Along with that accolade, they are also three-time ACDA National Champions and the 2019 UCWDC Classic World Champions.

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Ryan Pflumm Alaina Rogozhin

Alaina Rogozhin and Ryan Pflumm, are a competitive couple currently competing in the Rising Star division!  Alaina says that Ryan is gregarious, outgoing and a natural leader. He never meets a stranger. While he didn’t find his dance journey until later in life, he makes up for that lost time with his intense desire to analyze and understand the dance to the full degree. He is passionate about learning, teaching and competing in west coast swing and wants nothing more than to give his knowledge to anyone who wants it. Ryan likes to call Alaina the “Silent Assassin.” When you meet her she is quiet, polite, kind and a typical introvert. As soon as you get her on the dance floor, however, you have unleashed the beast. 

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Lamarr Williford

Lamarr has been dancing since 2011. He began with Latin dance, shortly after, he became hooked on WCS. Lamarr has continued to improve his abilities by learning many other dances. Lamarr has shifted his focus on teaching and community building. He believes that, in order for dance to grow, community and exposure are very important. He focuses most of his time on spreading the joy of dance!

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Bryan Jordan

Bryan Jordan, a native of Louisiana, has been competing at professional level and teaching WCS for almost 20 years. Bryan brings in extensive knowledge about the traditional and modern styles of WCS. Bryan is also the Event Director for Swingapalooza.

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Matt Auclair

Matt is a 6 time national west coast swing dance champion. He is the youngest person to be inducted in the Dallas Dance Hall of Fame. He has taught and competed both nationally and internationally.  He enjoys dancing and teaching with his wife, Julie, all over the world. 

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