Rocket City Swing 2024!

💃👋🏻 Hello all you dancers! Your friendly event director, Jenn Nye, here to let you know that this profile is legit! Rocket City Swing

Why in the world did we make a facebook profile? Well I’m happy you asked!! There’s really two reasons.

1.) The facebook rules and algorithms of 2024 have changed so that you cannot see everything that we are trying to get out to you anymore on a group or page. So we have decided the best way to get you updates is with this profile. Please make sure to add us as a ‘friend!’ And please make sure to like a post once in a while or you may quit getting updates in your feed.

2.) Rebranding. Since “Westies on the Water” has moved away from the lake, it is time to let the name go. And now that we are moving to a hotel nowhere near water, we need a new name. Being as we are in the “Rocket City,” the birth place of NASA, it seemed appropriate to carry on with a name in honor of this foundation. Additionally, our local westie group is the “Rocket Westies…” so it really does make a lot of sense to change the name to “ROCKET CITY SWING.”

We will still be sharing all of our posts to the main facebook ‘Page’ and ‘Group’ and of course, you can find everything over on Instagram at RocketCitySwing.

Why would we still be posting to the ‘Group’ and ‘Page?’ And why do you still want to be on these? There again there are a few reasons and it can be confusing as to why you might want to be involved with all of this social media. So I’d like to be completely transparent with the logic behind our decision to ‘add’ a facebook profile.

1.) A facebook ‘profile’ requires regular interaction with other people’s profiles in order to stay relevant in your ‘feed.’ However, having an event posted by a profile gets greater traction and sharing than one created by a ‘group’ or by a ‘page.’ Additionally, this is the best way to tag photos for the event, with a profile. So if there is an event photographer that is posting photos or videos on their profile, then this is the easiest way to tag and share the photos with the event.

2.) The facebook group, depending on the priority level that you set, will continue to send updates about the event in a lesser amount than the ‘profile.’ But a fb group propagating info into your feed does not depend on interaction. You’ll get the info based on the priority that you set with the group. Additionally, a group will still allow for chats to be created and we definitely want to make sure you can communicate with other attendees.

3.) A facebook page allows for us to share information back and forth pretty seamlessly between fb and instagram. This is also the platform that has the greatest versatility for us to place ads to let new people know about the event.

Overall, we want YOU to keep up with all of the changes and updates with the event and we are working on the best ways possible to share amazing moments, photos, videos and updates.

Look out for our 2024 event that will be sent from the profile so you can RSVP and invite all your friends to the Rocket City!